Cloud Operations

Managing Cloud at scale in a multi-Cloud world is a challenge. To overcome this challenge, organizations need to introduce new processes, refine roles to drive excellence in operation; Single pane visibility and automation being at the heart of this whole exercise. As more and more organization move to Cloud and embrace multi-Cloud having a right partner for operations becomes imperative to the business.

Coforge’s Cloud Operation framework focuses on an end to end approach with automation, powered by data and AI to provide meaningful actionable that result in sustainable business benefits.

Cloud Operation-004

Key Features

  • Service management automation and integration
  • Consolidated monitoring of cloud environment to get a single-pane view
  • AI and Automation as a foundation layer
  • Comprehensive ITIL-based operations framework
  • Ability to integrate existing resources for deployment and support
  • Manual and automated orchestration
  • Integrated governance with quarterly audit and management reviews
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