AWS Cloud Migration

Benefits of cloud is undoubtedly overwhelming, however its crucial to bring out the true potential and value of AWS Cloud in the your business and understand right approach to move forward.

This requires enterprises to closely examine how their applications landscape and services can benefit business while moving onto cloud. We, in partnership with AWS, help you innovate, optimize cost, increase agility & scalability and accelerate time to market with business-defined outcomes.

Coforge has helped various customers globally to define strategic transformation of processes, technologies, and capabilities to ensure customers derive the power of Cloud. Through deep understanding of industry and business insight with Cloud expertise, we enable organizations to reinvent their business through continuous innovation, and operate seamlessly.Our holistic approach of Cloud Migration is fully aligned to AWS Cloud Adoption Framework and includes unique blend of Process, Tools and Technology focus that generates business value.

Coforge focuses on

  • FastStart Assessment with Application insights
    • Build optimized cost projections to run application on AWS
    • Strategy and Roadmap aligned to business objectives
    • Top down & bottom up views
  • Phased & Agile Migration process
    • Plan effective migrations
    • Run parallel migration waves
    • Minimize business disruption
  • AWS Six common strategies for migration (6 R's )
  • Migration @scale capabilities
    • Jumpstart and achieve predictable migrations

AWS Native Tools used to achieve desired outcomes

  • AWS Migration Hub
  • AWS Application Discovery Service
  • AWS Server Migration Service (SMS)
  • AWS Database Migration Service (DMS)
  • AWS Snowball
  • AWS SnowMobile
  • Others

Expertise that Coforge brings

  • Migration Factory Model
  • Pre-defined run-books & Iac templates & Catalogs
  • Coforge’s IPs & Assets
  • Dynamic AWS Cloud Certified Professionals
  • Strong AWS Alliances & Partnership
  • Domain Expertise and deep industry knowledge
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