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Data Center Migration

Data Center migration, depending on the scale and complexity of the enterprise, could take anywhere between 3 to 18 months. While planning requires significant efforts upfront, once the plan is finalized it's all about flawless implementation. In many scenarios, planning and implementation are done in sprints and the process is iterated till the desired goal is achieved.

Coforge differentiates in this space by providing predefined templates, project plans, and risk and mitigation solutions that reduce the implementation timeline by at least 30%.

Data Center Exit

Data Center migration touches all areas of business. A successful data center migration is completely transparent to business and IT users. Successful migrations can be achieved by combining agile project delivery, industrialized migration process, and using migration tools that are best suited for a use case


Coforge Key Differentiators


Readymade Templates and Blueprints – A large-scale Migration project is a series of predefined, documented tasks implemented in harmony. Documents such as data capture, planning, new-builds, and many others play an important role in ensuring the accuracy of a migration move group. Coforge has developed templates for all the critical tasks, and these could be reused with minor tweaks. This reduces the implementation time by at least 30%.


Industrialized Migration Process – More than 70% of migration activity is comprised of repeatable tasks and processes. During the implementation phase, it is important to trivialize these tasks by using tools and a well-defined process. Coforge has an established partnership with niche tool vendor and well-defined processes documentation that could be leveraged during the migration


Migration Factory – Migration factory is the delivery model for industrial processes. In this model, the focus is on improving the efficiency of repeatable tasks instead of having a dependency on skills. Factory model also enables a flexible and on-demand resource ramp-up and ramp-down based on the program needs. This reduces the overall migration cost by up to 40% and reduces manual errors. Migration factory could be leveraged for tasks like new builds, data copy, health check validation, post-migration tasks, reporting, and many others

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