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Data Center Consulting

Data centers host critical infrastructure that enables business. With the growing need of digitalization and adoption of public cloud many enterprises have defocused on the strategy and future of the data center technologies. This approach can cause significant issues and impact the user experience if services become unavailable. This approach also puts pressure on accelerating cloud adoption which often leads tactical decisions and increases the TCO.

Coforge can help by bringing in our expertise to define the roadmap and strategy for the future of data center and how it can continue to add value to the business. Combine business and technology to plan the adoption of newer technologies in a phased manner without increasing the overall spend.

Consulting and Assessment

Defining strategy and roadmap for data center technologies is a diverse skill. This skill needs years of experience of delivering successful infrastructure transformation solutions. Consulting activities should also focus on business processes and how technology change and enhance the value to the customers.

Coforge with its business domain knowledge and expertise in data center infrastructure offers a pragmatic view of the future of data center and its alignment to business goals

Proposed high-level approach is illustrative and used for most of the engagements. However, this approach can be customized based on the objectives and requirements


Coforge Key Differentiators


Assessment – Coforge has built a framework of niche tools and reports to speed up the assessment activities. We can leverage data generated by existing tools and provide valuable insights.



Partnerships – Data center technologies are diverse and often there are 50+ vendors providing services to an enterprise. Out partner ecosystem play an import role to avoid vendor bias and provide recommendations best suited for a use case. We are product and vendor agnostic in our recommendations



Innovative Commercial models - We can offer cash neutral (or with minimal upfront fees) assessment activities where we share a percentage of the overall savings that organization would achieve after implementing the recommended changes


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