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Lending Journey Orchestration

About the solution


Lending Journey Orchestration

Reimagine Customer Onboarding Processes to build Journeys for Lending & Banking Apps

Reusable Low Code / No Code Solution that is easily configurable for Lending (Personal, Auto), Credit Cards or Retail Banking


Business Need & Challenges


Solution Capabilities

  • Solutioned through dynamic, channel-specific Questions asked to Applicants to complete the Application and meet the Bank / NBFC requirements along with meeting FCA regulations
  • Facilitation of sequencing of the set of questions for a particular journey while rearranging the same for another journey
  • Error Framework managed via different messages (warning, notification, etc.) informing and directing user to the next action
  • Version Control for journeys managed and saved in PDF format (Audit history applicable to specific fields including question text)



  • Single source of the truth for all Lending Journeys
  • Reusability for different journeys and reduction in effort and cost of solution delivery
  • Allows custom elements to be added easily by business users to a journey as required i.e., to cater to specific journey steps unique to a given journey
  • Provides the ability to the Customer to add or amend journeys in real-time
  • Improves Lending journey cycle time by 50-60%


Business Value Adds



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