How to plan for a successful cloud migration



 Cloud migration guide

Use of public cloud has grown significantly with companies planning to grow cloud spend by 24 percent in 2019. According to a recent report, companies run 79 percent of workloads in cloud, with 38 percent of workloads in public cloud and 41 percent in private cloud.

Migrating all of your IT systems to the cloud is not a quick an easy process and can have a great impact on your business if not executed correctly. Your migration plan needs to take into account all of your organisation’s needs to be able to unlock the full potential of the cloud without compromising budget, security, daily operations and existing legacy infrastructure.

This guide will show you how to plan your cloud migration more effectively in seven key steps:

  1. Three approaches to migration
  2. Framework
  3. Asset and Application Delivery
  4. Cloud Architectures
  5. Cloud Formation
  6. Data Migration
  7. Migrating application workloads