How APIs can modernise legacy systems



 Modernize Legacy Systems with APIs

It’s the classic question: should IT spend its time maintaining legacy investments or creating new things?

In a recent survey by MuleSoft, 90% of IT decision makers say legacy systems are holding their organisations back from using digital technologies to innovate or make operational a barrier to completing IT projects. For most established enterprises, core data and services that serve as the heart and lungs of the business are siloed within legacy systems.

Legacy modernisation refers to the process of adapting these older legacy systems to support modern business and technology needs. As agile upstarts continue displacing established incumbent organisations across all industries, the imperative to adopt (and adapt to) modern technologies and platforms, such as cloud, big data, IoT, mobile, has never been greater.

In this whitepaper, MuleSoft examines how API-led integration can help modernise legacy systems.