CRM: an untapped potential for Financial Services – 2021



Salesforce, CRM Whitepaper

In last year’s edition, we discussed the importance of digital transformation within Financial Services, and how it can start with something as simple as a CRM.

The learnings from the past couple of years showed that it’s not about teaching or not teaching an old dog new tricks. It’s about stopping the momentum on a moving train enough to get it to take a new direction.

The arrival of Covid-19 and the overwhelming demand for digital business models and services had that effect. 

In this paper we discuss the untapped potential of CRM as a digital transformation driver for Financial Services in 2021 and the advantage of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud:

  • Why the relentless demand for strengthened customer relationships persists.
  • How the modern CRM allows you to innovate at pace to deliver new experiences.
  • How to maximise embedded finance and hyper-personalisation.
  • The benefits of CRM technology amidst the current challenges within the financial services industry.
  • How Financial Services firms can benefit from including a CRM in its digital transformation plans.