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MuleSoft Managed Services


We understand that recruiting, employing and managing an experienced, specialist department is difficult and expensive. With Coforge’s expert MuleSoft Managed Services package our customers are able to secure revenue, increase speed of delivery, and accelerate their time to market, at an optimal cost and effort.

Coforge works with you to understand your challenges and goals, allowing us to deliver a scalable, responsive and flexible managed services model, that turns your MuleSoft vision into a reality. There is more to our MuleSoft Managed Services model than just taking things out of your hands. Our experts work closely with your in-house teams, educating and informing them to ensure greater success in the long term.

Our scalable managed services have a proven track record in the management of every aspect of MuleSoft, giving you the chance to take advantage of our resources to ensure positive outcomes and fast ROI. That’s why, on top of our 360-degree managed service capability we can also offer a wide variety of benefits:

List of our MuleSoft Managed Services

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Platform as a Service

It’s time to evolve from point-to-point integration and MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform is the way to do it. Coforge’s PaaS includes the complete set-up and configuration of your components inside Anypoint Platform, supported on every deployment variant:

  • Mule hosted CloudHub.
  • Customer hosted cloud.
  • On-premise environments and hybrid deployments etc.

The managed service also includes:

  • Data validation.
  • Data enrichment.
  • Integrity checks.
  • Logging and auditing.
  • KPI and trends analysis
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MuleSoft Consulting

Coforge's MuleSoft consultants collaborate with your stakeholders to uncover best practices, governance models, and agile delivery methods across your organization's technology landscape. We then provide a fully scoped, tailored, budgeted solution and its blueprint for your eyes only. Our MuleSoft Strategic Consultation includes a package of services such as:

  • Platform Assessments.
  • Platform Sizing and Set-up.
  • Architecture and Design Assessments.
  • Code Assessments.
  • DevOps Maturity Assessments.
  • Go-live Check Readiness Assessments.
  • C4E Maturity Assessments, and more...


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Architecture review as a Service

This service offers you the chance to get world-class experts to inspect your as-is system integration to provide valuable suggestions to bring out the best of MuleSoft and ensure you’re structured for success.

Focusing on evaluating your infrastructure, architecture, API design, coding standards, deployment pipelines and best practices we help organizations:

  • Optimize code.
  • Improve security.
  • Raise consistency levels.
  • Realign their requirements.
  • Update use cases.
  • Re-use their API’s.
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Testing as a Service

Improve your MuleSoft functionality by using Coforge to ensure that you catch any defects in the way your software interacts and that you have highly robust APIs deployed across your Anypoint Platform. Our service includes:

  • Discovery and tooling.
  • Set-up and configuration of test tools.
  • Project implementation featuring test support covering SIT, UAT, performance and security testing etc.
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BAU 24/7/365 Support

Ensure that you’re utilizing your employees for new products, services and creating solutions that improve the business. Our MuleSoft BAU support services take the day-to-day weight off your shoulders. Through our unique API-based model, we can support all your mission critical applications in a cost-effective manner, 24/7, 365 days a year.



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Governance as a Service

Our Governance as a Service brings our Technical Design Authority (TDA) team to the forefront. By activating our TDA team, we make sure that your MuleSoft projects create value, reduce development and operational costs, adhere to all relevant best-practices and showcase the results of projects. Our GaaS looks at:

  • Requirements.
  • High-level design.
  • Low-level design.
  • Building and Testing.
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Tailored Enablement

Coforge’s tailored enablement services are designed to maximize user acceptance, engagement and utilization of MuleSoft. Providing a variety of sessions that are based around your needs, including:

  • Implementation.
  • Best practices and standards.
  • New features.
  • Out-of-the- box (OOTB) components.


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Project Delivery

Our MuleSoft experts can solve even the most complex data transformation problems, ensuring API reusability, governance, visibility and sustained agility. Our dedicated MuleSoft teams are on hand 24/7, 365 days a year. From solution implementation to bespoke development, our proven skills allow us to work faster towards outcomes that perfectly match your specifications.


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Mule4 Migration as a Service

Mule4 reduces management complexity and accelerates application development with up to 50% fewer steps and concepts to learn. Our consultants will assess your current implementation and provide you, free of charge, with a complete report detailing the effort required to migrate to Mule4 as well as a fixed price commitment if you choose us.

Our Mule4 Migration accelerator is the only 3rd party tool that has been approved by MuleSoft and can automate the migration process up to 90%. Making us confident that we’re the right pick!

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Connector Building

As a MuleSoft Strategic Partner and key contributor in building assets on MuleSoft exchange, we have so far built 4+ connectors which were later enhanced to work with Mule4 as well and we continue to build even more assets based on the need/demand.

Why Coforge for MuleSoft?

Coforge is a Strategic Partner to MuleSoft (the Salesforce Integration Cloud), delivering end-to-end API automation solutions to clients globally and helping them deliver seamless connected customer experiences. With 400+ MuleSoft certified professionals on board, we are an authorized reseller of the MuleSoft platform, also offering high-quality professional services. Our longevity of more than 12 years and exclusive focus on the platform have given us strength and depth across the whole lifecycle, right from license reselling, to build, through to maintenance and support.


The mark we’ve made

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