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With our expertise we help our customers leverage technology to remove bottlenecks, accelerate time to value, and improve business outcomes.

I need to integrate siloed systems and data

Inflexible infrastructures, complex processes and siloed data can create real problems for your business – limiting your visibility, insights, and productivity.

At Coforge’s Salesforce Business Unit, we have years of experience helping businesses like yours to streamline their operations and get the most from their data. Our certified experts will work with you to determine the right solution for your organisation – helping you drive business-wide connectivity, increase productivity, and enable you to be proactive not reactive.

Salesforce Logo Salesforce

We helped a Fortune 50 insurance organisation with Salesforce development, integration and customisation, giving them detailed data insights with access to customised reports, real-time snapshots and dashboards.

Access detailed data insights with Salesforce

MuleSoft Logo MuleSoft

We helped a recovery and recycling company with the design of an API-led reference architecture based on MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, enabling them to streamline the flow of information from millions of data points, and achieve faster access to business-critical information for both internal and external stakeholders.

Integrate siloed systems with MuleSoft

Data & Analytics Logo Data & Analytics

We helped a payment processing company implement a Data & Analytics solution to consolidate their data and build an intelligent customer account verification system. This enabled them to achieve near real-time data ingestion & data processing capabilities. As a result, they gained near real-time data processing capabilities and cut data searches from 90 minutes to just 3 seconds.

Achieve real-time capabilities with Data & Analytics

I need to improve my competitiveness

Staying competitive in today’s busy marketplace is no easy feat – particularly if your business lacks agility, as this can slow your market response and stall innovation.

We can help you access information and actionable insights which feed into product innovations, ensuring faster development and time to market. We create connected environments and automate processes that empower you to build exciting customer experiences

Salesforce Logo Salesforce

We helped a global Travel and Leisure group to re-engineer their Salesforce application for a more robust and scalable solution. We implemented missing features and created standardised solutions for multiple child brands. As a result, their maintenance and development costs were reduced significantly and roll-out time for new brands was halved.

Access detailed data insights with Salesforce

MuleSoft Logo MuleSoft

We worked with a leading footwear brand to create a truly connected and automated environment through MuleSoft, removing rigid processes and enabling efficiency and innovation across the supply chain.

Create a truly connected environment with MuleSoft

Data & Analytics Logo Data & Analytics

We helped a global health care organisation and manufacturer of medical devices to achieve dynamic scaling for growing data loads, see in-depth data insights faster, and increase their data performance speeds. One of the immediate benefits was a reduction in reporting time from 18 hours to 20mins.

Increase your agility with Data & Analytics

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I need to reduce operational risk

From lack of operational visibility to insufficient data security, there are many factors that can increase your operational risk.

We will help you modernise your infrastructure and implement best practices and governance across your operation. With the support of our certified experts, you can achieve greater efficiencies throughout your organisation, ensure your data has the right protection and minimise operational risks that could compromise your success.

Salesforce Logo Salesforce

We provided end-to-end Salesforce support and development services for a major regulator in the UK telecommunications industry. On top of ongoing support, we recommended potential business applications for migration and integrated critical third-party applications. The regulator benefited from a single point of contact and accountability, significant reduction in overheads, faster turn-around times and improved application performance.

Improve your development and support with Salesforce

MuleSoft Logo MuleSoft

Our work with a rail services company in Ireland enabled near real-time synchronisation between their IT Service Management System and their service partner. The outcome was faster incident resolution as well as improved communication and transparency.

Reduce risk with MuleSoft

Data & Analytics Logo Data & Analytics

We helped one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world to set up an advanced and interactive Data & Analytics platform, enabling them to automate the insider threat detection and management process and identify anomalies and potential threats for data breaches in near real-time.

Achieve real-time protection with Data & Analytics

I need to deliver outstanding customer experiences

Increasingly, customers expect more from the businesses they buy from.

But meeting this demand can be challenging, as lack of customer knowledge and inadequate omnichannel performance often means that brands are unable to deliver the service their customers want. That’s where our experts can help. We’ll work with your business to implement solutions that provide a 360-degree customer view, enable greater customisation and achieve cross-channel excellence – so you can deliver outstanding customer experiences, drive engagement and supercharge your sales.

Salesforce Logo Salesforce

We worked with a leading financial services firm to implement Salesforce Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and applications. By doing so, we enabled them to achieve a 360-degree customer view, they were able to integrate with third party financial planning tools and improve customer satisfaction rates by 35%.

Maximise customer satisfaction with Salesforce

MuleSoft Logo MuleSoft

We worked with the UK’s largest coffee chain to fully integrate their backend systems, self-service network, loyalty scheme and mobile applications. This enabled them to increase foot traffic, grow loyalty club membership, while decreasing their overall operation and maintenance costs.

Achieve greater accuracy of customer data with MuleSoft

Data & Analytics Logo Data & Analytics

We worked with a loyalty and travel consolidator focused on growing earnings through investments in loyalty solutions. We set up a cloud data platform using dynamic scaling to handle the growing data load and to analyse all point-of-sale data volumes as they were generated. As a result, the company was able to generate personalised offers for sales across multiple product categories in only a few hours, whilst achieving overall cost-savings of £700,000.

Delve deeper into customer behaviour with Data & Analytics

I need to prove ROI

Often, IT departments find it difficult to showcase the value of technology investments to the business and they may even experience increasing operational costs just to keep the lights on.

That’s where Coforge’s Salesforce Business Unit can help. Our certified Salesforce, MuleSoft and data & analytics experts will partner with your organisation to help you to implement the right solution and/or optimise your existing infrastructure to create value for the business. We start with the end in mind, working with you to determine exactly what you need to achieve, and then supporting you to make it happen. With our knowledge and support, you can minimise administration costs, improve performance, and accelerate delivery speed.

Salesforce Logo Salesforce

We helped a road safety firm to achieve a 30% reduction in development and support costs by undertaking the responsibility of implementing and customising their Salesforce Sales Cloud from end to end.

Achieve significant cost savings with Salesforce

MuleSoft Logo MuleSoft

We worked with the UK’s leading crop production and grain marketing business to fully integrate their systems and applications and ensure end to end connectivity for their farm management platform. As a result, the company saw 30% reduction in the time needed to onboard new users and a 1.5-2x increase in usage of the platform itself.

Drive ROI with Mulesoft

Data & Analytics Logo Data & Analytics

We implemented a big data ecosystem for one of the world’s biggest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies, aggregating and analysing data from multiple internal and external sources.

Eliminate ROI inhibitors with Data & Analytics

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