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Businesses invest in digital transformation for many reasons – from streamlining processes and generating efficiencies, to futureproofing your organisation and optimising growth.

But without the right support, it can be difficult to find the right solutions to achieve your strategic goals, or to realise the true value of your investments. Our unique approach means we start with the end in mind, working with you to determine exactly what you need to achieve, and then supporting you to make it happen.

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We are an experienced Salesforce Partner, and our experts deliver fully integrated Salesforce solutions and specialised services, from Financial Services Cloud to Lightning Migration and more, to ensure you realise the true value of your investment.

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As one of the top MuleSoft Strategic Partners globally, we have the expertise to integrate your systems from the back end, helping you to drive efficiencies across your business.

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Data & Analytics

Our unrivalled data & analytics experts will work with your business to implement and support your data platform initiatives, enabling you to fast-track your projects, accelerate business outcomes and make more accurate decisions.

Data & Analytics Services

With our expertise…

  • A financial services firm increased conversions by 20%.
  • An airline company increased sales productivity by 40%.
  • A road safety firm have reduced development and support costs by 30%.
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With our expertise…

  • A leading retailer experienced a 24% increase in revenue in less than one year.
  • A popular coffee shop chain increased their customer frequency by 40%.
  • The world’s largest bus tour company improved trade revenue by 26% year-on-year.
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With our expertise…

  • A loyalty and travel consolidator is saving around £700,000 per year on their data storage and processing costs.
  • A medical device company have reduced report time from 18 hours to 20 minutes.
  • A leading energy and services company reduced their cluster usage from 80% to 11%.
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Become an expert at Coforge’s Salesforce Business Unit

We are a dynamic business unit in a rapidly growing sector. We are helping to solve some of the most complex technology challenges – from Data & Analytics accelerators, to Anypoint Platform implementations and custom Salesforce solutions.

Our employees are as important to us as our customers. That’s why we invest in both formal training and informal mentoring to accelerate their development and career progression. When you work with us, you will get the opportunity to expand your expertise and deliver innovative work for industry-leading businesses across the globe. Join us today and be part of a diverse team of thinkers and doers.