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 Transforming Digital Commerce for a Major European Airline​ 

The client

The client is a leading carrier in the world's largest international aviation market and the premier European carrier across the North Atlantic, transporting more than 40 million passengers a year.Coforge  has been the strategic Digital Transformation partner for the second-largest airline in the United Kingdom, based on fleet size and passengers carried. We have been supporting and enabling the digital channels to ensure that the airline can provide a seamless experience for their passengers. We have worked in the following business areas – Digital Commerce, Mobile, Loyalty, and Contact Center among others. ​

Business Challenge:

  • Improve sales through digital commerce, enhance digital presence​
  • Improve Customer Service through a consistent omnichannel experience​
  • Increase Ancillary Revenue through personalization ​
  • Enhance the mobile channel​

Our Solution

Enabling Emotionally, Empathetic Customer Experiences by incorporating hyper-personalization and hyper-contextualization using an omnichannel approach ​

We have been involved with multiple initiatives like:​

  • Defined the business and technology road map for omnichannel customer engagement ​
  • Launched Responsive site using Team Site/Live Site (CMS), XSLT, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, JavaScript, JSP technologies which was optimized across smartphones and tablets​
  • Providing and enabling new and additional functionality like: ​
    • Flight Selling - multicity, codeshare, fare classes, ​
    • Manage My Booking​
    • Real-time APIs with multiple suppliers for Accommodation, Flight Bookings, Car Hire, Packages, Airport Parking, Payment Gateways, and more​
    •  Check-in​
    • Flight Information​
    • Destination guides​
  • Supporting loyalty by: ​
    • Enabling customers to maintain their individual/family account​
    • Enabling customers to claim their miles on-line. (both on the concerned airline as well as partner airlines)​
    • Enabling Airlines staff to discretionary enroll customers​
    • Exposing various web services to external as well as internal applications.​
    • Enabling the customer to redeem miles online​
  • Ancillary enablement like Holidays, baggage, and Seat Assignment. ​
  •  Time to time update of the online portal aligned with new features, content, and campaigns​
  • Developed ‘Content Integrity’ and ‘Real-Time Interaction Management’ delivering personalized campaigns and content via the e-commerce portal and contact centers​
    • At times of disruption, the website acts as a primary tool for communication with passengers in order to inform them of the latest updates as soon as updates are available from the operational team at airports.​
    • Complex enhancements/changes to the website need to be done to ensure personalized campaigns are in place on time preventing delays and penalties. ​
    • Enabled the client to utilize the Pega Customer service framework to provide a single unified interface for customer service employees, addressing key customer service functions: ​
      • The application helps provide a personalized experience to its customers by anticipating the customer needs and automating and providing intelligent guidance at each step of customer interaction. ​
      • It enabled a 360 view of the customer, engaging all the channels - social, web, mobile, In-person, and phone. ​
      • This in turn helps identify the next best action and provide sales and service recommendations to the contact center/website and design personalized marketing campaigns.​
  • Implementation of regulatory and compliance changes​
  • Streamlined the business operations for the airline’s Holidays division which was using the merchandising platform to enable dynamic packaging. ​
  • Implemented state-of-the-art microservices architecture for the front-end channel site to further enhance its scalability and stability​
    • Automation of build, testing, and deployment-related process​
    • Implemented microservices Architecture pattern that gives the flexibility of scaling at the service level to address high volumes.​
    • Followed IT security standards and guiding principle​
    • Services are exposed to external channels via API gateway​
    • Architecture followed open standards with wide industry Acceptance​

Delivering more Value

  • Enabled the direct selling channels that generate over 4bn in annual revenue​
  • Mobile booking gross revenue increased by 100% in 6 months timeframe after project deployment​
  • No. of visits increased by 13% after the launch of mobile web​
  • 30% increase in bookings via the mobile channel and a 60% increase in mobile check-ins​
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