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Principles & Steps to Design a Robust & Maintainable Test Automation Framework

Automation framework is a key component of our Quality Engineering Services. We believe that a framework is robust if it addresses the short and medium-term goals and is also able to scale with the evolving needs of the enterprise.

And, for it to be maintainable, it’s design must flexible enough so that it can be easily customized and configured for the evolving needs.

Our principles will be to:

1. Generate and demonstrate tangible business value through improvement in time to market and reduction in cost to bolster the confidence of the business in the testing practice.

2. Maintain alignment to strategic imperatives to achieve end-to-end quality engineering transformation as you make a seamless shift to Agile and DevOps methods of application development.

3. Be conscious of cost – The framework should help to drastically improve efficiency through effective automation thereby reducing cost of quality.

While adhering to the above principles we shall take the following key steps/interventions across the key dimensions of project delivery:  


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