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Optimizing Businesses with System Integration


The client was looking for an experienced IT partner to assist with replacing their existing revenue management product with the PROS revenue management solution. Drawing on over 20 years of experience in the aviation industry, Coforge was able to help the client successfully replace their revenue management system resulting in substantial business benefits.

About the Client

The client is one of Europe’s leading airlines operating a fleet of over 120 aircraft and generating more than four billion GBP in revenue. ​

Business Challenge

The client was looking to replace their existing revenue management product with the PROS revenue management solution and needed an experienced I.T. partner. It was important for the IT partner to have:

  • Thorough knowledge of the revenue management domain​
  • Previous experience in providing support and maintenance services for PROS ​
  • Understanding of the IT landscape, processes and procedures ​as applicable to airlines
  • Program management and airline domain capabilities to coordinate with business and vendor teams for any resolution, to assist with version upgrades and to provide analysis of incidents​
  • Experience in coordinating issues and bug fixes with PROS

Our Solution

Coforge, with its in-depth understanding of revenue management and expertise in digital technologies, provided integration and implementation services to the client. ​The activities undertaken by Coforge were:

  • Development, maintenance, and support for multiple systems, including the development of web applications and batch processes​
  • Application of fixed rules to PROS to generate daily fares ​
  • Customization of systems allowing users to apply dynamic rules to PROS generated optimizations (daily fares and limits) ​
  • Development of filters for PROS generated limits ​
  • Translation of PROS optimization to the client’s inventory and reservation system formats ​
  • Post Departure – Automation of collection of daily information from the reservation system. The system allowed manual data correction and generated accurate input files for PROS ​
  • Development of applications that control multiple processes including PROS, detecting issues within the system, and alerting maintenance services​
  • Business Intelligence – Introduction of a ‘master report’ application which generated an excel sheet with flight information allowing business users to make decisions at the flight/date level​
  • Development of the ‘demand auto-correction’ system that automatically corrects forecasting errors in PROS​
  • Introduction of an ‘upgrading system’ that selects candidates to receive an offer to upgrade; based on flight load and passenger travel history ​
  • Development of a reporting system for revenue management

Delivering more Value

Leveraging over 20 years of experience in the aviation industry, Coforge facilitated the introduction of new-age features into the client’s revenue management system. This resulted in:

  • Improved forecast accuracy​
  • Real-time actionable insights​
  • Scalable availability and pricing using Cloud​
  • Real-time, dynamic price management​
  • Passenger revenue optimization​
  • In addition, Coforge helped the client in:
    • Ensuring data availability to the business at the right time
    • Increasing productivity of business teams​
    • Improving the revenue management processes​
    • Improving the client’s revenue margins​
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