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Is your workplace digital-ready?

Supercharging the digital workforce

Ashutosh Aggarwal

Global Practice Lead – Digital Workplace

Work is now digital and mobile, posing new challenges for employees that collaborate digitally across boundaries and locations. How can businesses develop a supportive digital workplace that encourages teamwork and drives productivity?

Productive Workplace from Anywhere, for Everyone

When you hear the word "workplace," what comes to mind? A physical space, most likely an office, or someone sitting at their kitchen table or on the couch, laptop, and smartphone in hand. COVID19 has shown that employees don't have to be physically present to work collaboratively, nor does working from home pose an insuperable barrier to productivity.

Nevertheless, physical facilities and their technology enablers should not be considered as ancient history. Given sufficient safety precautions, employees will be back in offices. So, this is an excellent time for organizations to re-think about using technology more effectively and supporting the new working models in the post-COVID-19 world. This shift has also compelled businesses to shift to technology-enabled remote working that includes the components of virtual workspaces, reliable connectivity, remote-friendly support, secure data access, security, and compliance. While working from home increases productivity and brings lots of benefits, it does create new challenges, it can lead to increase in isolation and lesser engagement.

To ensure smooth functioning in the “new normal” and the “next to normal”, organizations need to ask themselves these key questions:

  • How to move towards building a resilient workplace, while considering people’s experiences and wellbeing?
  • As they develop improved digital workplace strategies, how can they measure success?
  • Are my employees upskilled ?
  • Are they dexterous enough to make the best use of technology?
  • Are they getting better experience vis-à-vis working from the office?
  • Do my employees feel engaged enough to be at their productive best?
  • What are those key measurable components of a digital workplace strategy?
  • What does the workplace look like going forward from a future of work perspective?

The time to act is Now.

At Coforge Digital Workplace Services, it is our responsibility to ensure that, we always help and support our customers in overcoming challenges, helping them in the right direction and strategy. Powered by our user-centric approach, our end-to-end stack helps enterprises retain productivity while working remotely, ensures security, delivers equitable experience and enables collaboration with minimal disruption.


Coforge digital workplace aims to build a workplace that:

  • Abstracts employee experience from location, devices, and technology, and efficient and productive working at scale.
  • Drives collaboration so that employees are proactive and upskilled.
  • Evolves to accommodate changes to meet all business demands
  • Empowers workforce to bring consumerization and reduces dependency on IT

This is complemented by a targeted assessment, bidirectional communication strategy, and inclusive change management programs to guarantee that transformation of projects does not leave any employee behind.

As technology and experience integrators, we believe that now is the time to invest in building longterm workplace resilience and capabilities that can offer future-ready digital workplaces while maintaining an unwavering focus on digital literacy. It enables employees to collaborate from anywhere and takes advantage of cutting-edge AI, 360o analytics, and automation solutions to improve their experience and productivity In times of global disruption, Coforge's extensive experience can help and support your business to establish flexible, intelligent, connected, and scalable workplace for the future, while helping your present workplace.

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