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Industry Trends & Opportunities


GRC - Risk

Financial Risk

  • Banks are racing to meet regulatory timelines
  • Market Risk – FRTB
  • Credit Risk - Basel3 Reforms
    • Minimum haircut floors for SFTs
    • Securitizations of non-performing loans
    • Disclosures on Sovereign exposures, Asset encumbrance, comparative on Standardized vs Modelled RWA

Non-Financial Risk

  • Cybersecurity risk mitigation – a key task for CIOs
  • Focus on Explainable AI

Climate Risk

  • BCBS’s Principles for the effective management and supervision of climate-related financial risks

GRC - Compliance

  • Rising volume of work in financial and non-financial risk management and reporting.
  • Regulators’ demand for near-real-time evaluation of risks & reporting
  • ESG - Concerted efforts by major standards authorities to converge and simplify ESG reporting.

Investment Management (Hedge Funds + Wealth Managers + Private Capital)

  • Greatest Wealth transfer to younger generation over the next two decades
  • Effective Omnichannel Management – Services standardized across all channels


GRC - Risk

  • Need for real-time risk reporting (T+0 / t+1)
    • Matured data pipelines with accurate, complete and timely data (BCBS guidelines)
    • F2B Data Lineage capability
  • Overarching NFR policy guidelines instead of handling NFR in silos within each risk stream ( Operational Risk, IT risk, Conduct Risk etc.)
  • Integration and digitalization of nonfinancial risk controls, monitoring and reporting
  • Unified security management across cloud & on-premise data centers
  • ERM & risk appetite framework for sustainability risk, leading to Climate Risk Transition strategy in all LOBs

IGRC - Compliance

  • Increased compliance effort
    • Fragmentation of controls across LOBs, disconnected systems, and changing legal requirements
  • Divergent ESG reporting standards shall defer efforts to E2E automate the operation workflows.

Investment Management (Hedge Funds + Wealth Managers + Private Capital)

    • Hyper-Personalized Customer solutions to engage with young inheritors
    • Race towards digital transformation to acquire more market share
    • Banks partnering with non-financial enterprises to create new product, services and distribution opportunities. e.g. : AI-Smart Beta ETFs, Tokenization of less liquid assets.

Way Forward (Opportunities)

GRC - Risk

      • Build stronger Data governance capabilities and practice
      • Develop a data-driven strategic tools and solutions for performant reporting & analytics
      • AI risk mitigation – collectively AI privacy, security and risk management for improved AI business outcomes
      • Augment tools and capabilities to identify and assess physical and transition risks as part of risk identification
      • Review “move to cloud” initiatives through the lens of operational resilience
      • Integrating LCT ( Low Carbon Transition) workflows into existing front office applications, for measurement, monitoring, & reporting

GRC - Compliance

        • Creation of horizontal value streams, serving various compliance vertical functions, to improve efficiencies – common technology stack (API / services-oriented architectures) & data pipelines
        • Application of Blockchain, Low code / No code frameworks, where possible.
        • Embedding ESG workflows and data collations into E2E Enterprise architecture.

Investment Management (Hedge Funds + Wealth Managers + Private Capital)

        • Customer oriented Digitization characterized by application of new IT developments like social media, robo-advisors, cloud computing (vertical scaling).
        • Innovative solutions for emerging business use cases (e.g., Open Banking)
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