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Digital Knowledge Worker

Businesses like insurance and travel thrive on their specialized staff like underwriters, insurance claim specialists, mortgage specialists, actuaries, booking assistants, travel coordinators, etc. These experts are often few and the challenge gets compounded by the lack of training documentation. This impacts their response time, scaling up of businesses, and training of new staff. It can be a challenge to reskill and redeploy employees for new roles that require innovation and creativity.

Given these scenarios, the need to have a digital knowledge worker gets highlighted. A digital knowledge worker that can effect a human-like interaction, read from documents, take cognitive decisions, answer queries, learn on-thejob, and take over the lower-end specialized jobs, then becomes necessary. It is as if a piece from a sci-fi movie becomes a reality

A product of Coforge's Cognitive Studio, the Digital Knowledge Worker solution accelerator embeds into your digital landscape to transform your business.


Al-backed Multi-skilled Digital Avatars

Meet your digital colleagues! IVIS is your dream worker if you have employed it as an insurance agent or an insurance claims assistant. If you use it in the airline industry, then you employ AIRVIS. The solution lends many more Al-backed digital avatars for different industries. Like humans, a Digital Knowledge Worker has a persona; possesses language, visual, analytical, and domain skills. It can make inferences, learn on-thejob, and can explain its actions. The Artificial Intelligence that constitutes a Knowledge Worker engages Natural Language Processing, semantic learning, computer vision, advanced UX, deep learning, reinforcement learning, knowledge graphs, and explainable Al technologies.

Coforge's Digital Knowledge Worker solution accelerator scores well over other solutions the market offers because of the broad range of skills it possesses to perform many specialized roles. With its’ customized offerings, it helps in the transformation journey that businesses have embarked upon.


Strong Al Unlocks Human-like Potential

Artificial Intelligence with cognitive technologies ensures that simple automation jobs like data entry and tagging are taken over by various programs and tools. New age automation means that it is time to move to the next level where a human-specialist’s job can be augmented, assisted or replicated by introducing a digital knowledge worker backed by domain-specific data using Al technologies.




Construct of Digital Knowledge Worker

Digital Knowledge Worker solution reuses Coforge's digital solution accelerators like SLICE, IDP, iVera, Fabric.Al as building blocks. The Digital Knowledge Worker solution uses a technology stack of Graph DB, AWS Sumerian, NLP, Speech-To-Text, Ontology, Python, Open CV, Tesseract, Angular, Java Script, and .Net to bring Al to life.


The digital assets from Coforge's Digital Foundry that are used while deploying Digital Knowledge Worker are briefly explained below:

SLICE: Open Source based content extraction framework for extracting data from structured and unstructured sources like Email, PDF, Word, Excel, and scanned documents using Al, ML, NLP, OCR, and other

IDP: An Al-based Intelligent document processing solution that provides hidden insights by standardizing and structuring large amounts of text data, quickly extracting, and converting multiple data formats into a single template.

iVera: iVera enhances customer experience by providing multi-channel insurance conversational interfaces for P&C and L&A carriers across multiple use cases Supporting policy holders and agents.

Fabric.Al: Low code Al and machine learning platform that enables organizations to automate machine learning and deliver predictive models 10 times faster.


In-house Accelerators in Al Transformation

Coforge brings a host of in-house accelerators to transform businesses using Al and automation. The Digital Knowledge Worker is brought to life by the following features:

Answers to Queries

User queries can originate from web-based chats or phone-based chats. Answers to user queries can be delivered using multiple techniques. Knowledge graph is one such technique that uses a multi-dimensional semantic search. Knowledge graph works with interconnected nodes and their relationships to bring in intuitive search results. It understands users’ intent in the interactions through contextual enterprise data to answer semantic queries. NLP models like BERT and GPT2 are also used to answer user queries that do not classify under pre-trained intents.

User Interaction

The Digital Knowledge Worker uses an avatar- based presentation that works on multi-channel interfaces. It uses natural language conversation to interpret user interactions. It also applies complex algorithms to assess an appropriate response to user queries. Based on the user environment, the most appropriate user conversation modes are set up. For example, if the user is in a noisy environment, there is a text-based user interaction. More recently, the COVID-ridden environment has encouraged a contactless interaction. A gesture-based user interaction can be built into the solution to provide a human-like feel.

ML Model Engine

Plug and Play machine learning models are set up to visualize, monitor, and explain model engine results.

Multiple models are set up on ML engine for clients to experiment with for different use cases and choose the most relevant for their scenario


Supports multi-channels

Digital Knowledge Worker is available in varied avatars to work alongside specialists. It Supports user interactions through multiple channel interfaces — web channel, telephony, mobile, messaging, and voice-based smart speakers. These avatars can be experienced in augmented reality and virtual reality space.

Our Digital Knowledge Worker solution has APIs and interfaces to connect with existing tech infrastructure resulting in lower costs and leverage the most out of the existing technology landscape.

It defines process flows through workflow engine. It can co-exist with the existing infrastructure and workflow engines. For example, there are built-in connections to Pega and likewise.



Insurance Industry

  • A large number of insurance claim documents are submitted via web, email, fax that are cumbersome to track.
  • Manual adjudication leads to delays in processing cladigi_knowledge_worker.
  • Claim inspectors and real-life insurance agents are overworked and need substantial support in their jobs.


Insurance claim inspectors or agents need to continuously track and verify insurance claims, documents filed by claimants, amount claimed for, authenticity and no-fraud involvement, eligibility criteria of claimants, and insurance amount that insurers can pay off. With the high volume of work, these inspectors and agents are overburdened. Consequently, their work can be error-prone.

Insurance companies can have their claim inspectors assisted in their work with the help of Digital Knowledge Worker.

This knowledge worker possesses the following technical skills to match the insurance claim agent skills:


Deployment of the Digital Knowledge Worker provides a direct-to-customer channel where claimants can directly upload the necessary insurance claim documents. The intelligence built inside this worker extracts content, makes inferences, assesses this data against the eligibility criteria, and finally suggests the pay-off amount.

It also looks at historical cladigi_knowledge_worker. Auto-adjudication is applied in evaluating the documents against the policy taken, eligibility, and calculation of claim amount. The Digital Knowledge Worker holds vast domain knowledge and is also capable of explaining its’ actions in case it rejects a certain claim.

Digital Knowledge Worker can help process more claims in a given duration compared to inspectors and agents working alone. Being quicker, insurance companies can guarantee an enhanced level of service to their customers.

Cognitive Studio

Spearheading the next level of Al adoption

Coforge's Cognitive Studio uses the best of Al practices to transform businesses across industries. It makes Machine Learning a common everyday practice to solve real business problems. Companies at any maturity level can adopt Al-practices to see a visible difference in business functioning. This adoption helps businesses derive cost reduction, revenue growth, and efficiency benefits.


The solution accelerator uses artificial intelligence and automation to transform businesses by doing an endto-end review of overall processes across people, process, and technology. It leverages existing assets of client infrastructure and also employs in-house solution accelerators to revamp your business using multiple Al elements. Active use of Al and automation helps industries streamline existing business processes and create an Al-driven culture.

Our solution accelerator gives you a head start in building a digital knowledge worker, tailored to your requirements. At Coforge, we emphasize using Al-best practices, ethically and responsibly.

Contact us. Our digital advisory and cognitive team will work with you to customize the solution based upon your business priorities, suggest right shoring, apply advanced analytics, and improve processes to bring in digital transformation.


What is Digital Foundry?

Cognitive Studio is a part of Coforge's Digital Foundry that enables you to rapidly build digital solutions using plug and play assets from our digital studios.

The digital assets can be integrated with existing apps to provide quick quality- engineered solutions to address business problems.

Continuously innovate, experiment, and incubate new ideas to stay ahead of the curve using Coforge's Digital Foundry.

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