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Business analytics-driven revenue accounting solution

Business Challenge

Client was looking for the best-automated PRA system which can manage a huge volume of data processing with financial accuracy and reduced reporting cycle time with specific customizations

Coforge worked with a dual shore model (Germany and India) for ​ the Whole implementation:​

  • Redesign of MonaLisa as per Ryanair customization requirement​
  • Data Migration from the existing system​
  • Customized GL as per Ryanair finance requirement (MonaLisa building GL system with export to MonaLisa at month-end)​
  • 60 new tailor-made complex reports as per Ryanair business requirement​
  • Implementation of the Test system with the feature to test reports with test data as well as with production data​
  • Pax Count: 145 Mn+​
  • Implementation Timelines: 12 Months​
  • Services: Product & Hosting

Business Solution

The client joined hands with Coforge  for its Integrated Revenue Accounting solution—MonaLisa. MonaLisa provides a feature-rich, business analytics-driven engine that acts as a catalyst for increasing efficiency through accurate and timely revenue accounting. Coforge's integrated solution included a license for its MonaLisa revenue accounting solution, customized solution for credit card reconciliation, refund approval, GSA, station access, and Korean language support. Some of the salient features of the solution included:

  • Modularity and scalability to expand operations
  • Simple and easy-to-use system with comprehensive revenue accounting functionalities ​
  • Hassle-free and timely updates/upgrades because of close collaboration with IATA for future revenue accounting practices delivering More Value
  • More Satisfaction: Our team of experts provided high throughput quality and ensured better revenue flow for the client with accurate billing and verification
  • More Efficiency: Coforge’s revenue accounting services helped the airline streamline processes, increase business efficiency, and guard against revenue leakages
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