Cloud Data Modernization

As CIOs and CDOs are leading efforts to support their Businesses during & after the Covid disruption, some of the challenges in the legacy Data platforms have become more prominent. 

  • Inability to quickly scale capacity based on market conditions.
  • Large maintenance & operations costs  - Hardware, license, DBA & Application support
  • Lack of support for Agile development needs to be driven by Digital Transformation 

The leading cloud data platforms from Azure & AWS offer a compelling & ever-maturing value proposition to overcome these challenges. This coupled with increased pressure on Capex & Opex costs has accelerated the CIO’s need to embark on a Data Modernization Journey

Typically in our experience, Enterprises who have invested in cloud data modernization journeys have realized payback in the same year leading to -

  • Reduction in IT Infrastructure & Product license costs of up to 50%
  • A decrease in Data Platform Maintenance & Operations costs of up to 30%.
  • Improvement in Agile Development productivity with faster release cycles from an average of 6 months to 4 weeks.

Coforge Data & Analytics practice can help in shaping & executing the Cloud Data modernization journey with 

  • An Assessment Framework - to discover & identify the right implementation approach.
  • Modernize Studio – a Coforge solution to accelerate the modernization via built-in templates, automation, Governance & best practices.

Data Modernization
Modernize Studio enables Cloud Data modernization by
Lift & Shift or Modernize from On-Premise to Cloud - Modernize Studio has built-in automation of schema, code & data migration. E.g. Migration of an on-premise Teradata solution to AWS Redshift.
Template-driven Data Engineering Platform - A template-driven Data engineering platform to rapidly build a data platform with robust governance and monitoring.
Multiple-use cases with a single pane of control - A one-stop modernization solution to handle multiple use cases – Data Archival, Fast Data migration, Data modernization adaptable to all leading cloud platforms.

Key Customer success stories

  • Legacy DW Platform Modernization to AWS Redshift - A leading UK based Media company moved a large Oracle based  DW Platform to AWS Redshift in 6 months leveraging NIIT’s Modernize Studio.
  • EDW modernization to AWS - APAC based aviation service customer has moved their entire BI and EDW platform to AWS based cloud data solutions saving around 30% Platform Opex costs.
  • Legacy DW Platform Modernization to Azure SQL Server DW - A US-based Entertainment company moved a large Teradata based Platform to Azure SQL Server DW in 8 months leveraging Modernize Studio’s capabilities to automate schema & code translation.
  • Enterprise DWH modernization to AWS & Snowflake - NIIT is helping a  large  UK based P&C insurance company to modernize its SQL server-based EDW platform to AWS and snowflake based solution. 
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