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Maximizing Your Pega Investment

GET THE MAXIMUM ROI FROM YOUR PEGA INVESTMENT Migrate to the Cloud of your choice and save up to 30% on infrastructure costs with a scalable pay-as-you-go model Upgrade to exploit the latest Pega Platform capabilities to the fullest withAI/ML, RPA and CRM features alongside BPM

Cloud Migration Capabilities

Automated infrastructure helps expedite Cloud migration by up to 30% Design patterns around Data & Document Migration, Encryption ensures Data Integrity and Security DevOps on the Cloud speeds up deployment of new application features by 15-20%

Pega Upgrade Capabilities

Homegrown Accelerator creates an upgrade risk profle and provides the efforts, timelines and cost Proven upgrade design patterns increase the predictability of execution by up to 90% Test automation services post upgrade reduce the go-live time by 15-25%

Tools and Accelerators

Set-up of Ansible tower scripts to automate the infrastructure provisioning including the VMs, Application Servers and Pega Platform installation for DEV, QA, SIT, UAT and PROD environments. DevOps and CI/CD setup on the Cloud leveraging open source tools like Jenkins, GitHub, Nexus and integrating them with Pega Platform services for DevOps

Tools and Accelerators

Pega Application scanning/assessment tool DevOps and CI/CD setup leveraging open source tools like Jenkins, GitHub, Nexus and integrating them with Pega Platform services for DevOps

CASE STUDY: Migration to the Cloud

Client is a 15 year old non-ministerial department of the UK Government formed by merger of 2 different departments in the same domain. Client is responsible for the collection of taxes and the administration of other regulatory regimes. Client has over 50,000 members and is supported by 2 agencies and public bodies. A vital purpose of this organization is to collect the money that helps fund the UK’s public services and families & individuals with necessary financial support.

On-premise infrastructure hosting and maintenance cost is high compared to AWS Cloud Lack of automation for infra provisioning/management and application deployment/releases Scattered landscape with legacy java-based custom middleware components leveraged by Pega


Migrated Pega application instances in 6 environments from on-premise to AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Delivered reusable ansible templates to automatically provision the infrastructure and confguration management in the AWS VPC Delivered CI/CD Jenkins pipeline on the Cloud to automatically deploy the Pega code from development environment to production environment Upgraded the platform from Pega v8.2 to v8.3.1


Technology stack: On-Premise to AWS cloud & Pega 8.2 to 8.3.1 Engagement model: All Onshore Team size: 4 Time to production: 10 weeks


End-to-end infrastructure provisioning and application deployment automation resulting in 30% reduction in operational costs Advanced security with the AWS networking services (Route tables, NACL’s, NAT Gateways and Security Groups) Advanced Application and Infrastructure monitoring with AWS Cloud Landscape simplifcation by moving the java components into Pega results in projected savings in application maintenance by 10-15% CASE STUDY: Pega Upgrade

Client is a 125-year old national professional organization of Certifed Public Accountants (CPAs) in the United States. Client has more than 418,000 members in 143 countries providing services to private companies, public practice, government, education, student affliates and international associates. Client sets up ethical standards for the aforementioned entities.

Highly customized UI with cross browser incompatibilities Complex transaction data purging and archiving needs Need for simplifed system administration of the Pega deployment landscape Need for the latest Pega Knowledge Management features


Upgraded the platform and frameworks from Pega v7.2 to v8.1 resulted in reduction in application defects with the purging of deprecated components and inclusion of advanced features Enhanced the look and feel of the application by leveraging Pega 8.1.6 OOTB controls and using the updated style guide available in 8.1 UI Toolkit Confgured the latest OOTB System Administration features  


Technology stack: Pega 7.2 to 8.1, Pega CS 7.21 to 8.1, Pega KM 7.21 to 8.1 Engagement model: Onshore (15%) – Offshore (85% Team size: 10 Time to production: 12 weeks


Enhanced user experience with the latest responsive UI/UX standards Additional browser (MS Edge) support was provided Richer Reporting and Export-to-Excel capabilities delivered Simplifed System Administration (Cluster Management on Admin Studio) Advanced version 8 capabilities (DevOps, Purge/Archive, RPA, CS, Web Chat) readily available for strategic application needs WHY CHOOSE US?

Our Pega Practice

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