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Driving Reliability with Effective Cargo Management Technology for Airports and Cargo Terminals

The cargo industry thrives on one word—reliability. Achieving it and sustaining it with increasingly globalized operations requires a robust technology backbone. As a leading travel and transportation services partner, Coforge understands what it takes to stay reliable over multiple business cycles. Whether it’s ensuring service efficiency at cargo terminals, minimizing consignment irregularities, or achieving end-to-end visibility of the cargo supply chain, we deliver more value with solutions that are shaped by new ideas and services that are underpinned by continuous innovation. This helps our clients achieve greater flexibility, scale, and more importantly, reliability.

Conquer Complexity, Eliminate Inefficiency

Cargo supply chain companies are facing a perfect storm of challenges—rapid increase in global trade, higher customer expectations, mounting operational costs, and changing regulatory compliance norms. To get upstream of these challenges, companies can no longer operate with legacy technologies, disparate systems, and IT inefficiencies.

Addressing new-age challenges by replacing existing applications with out-of-the-box systems is not enough. What companies need are solutions integrated with critical business processes and relevant to varied users, stakeholders and customers. But to achieve this integration and relevance, cargo companies need a technology partner with in-depth understanding of their processes and operational complexities. With more than two decades of experience in travel and transportation, Coforge is a partner of choice for cargo companies, offering services and solutions across the value chain—cargo operations, ground handling, e-freight, warehouse operation systems, and related cargo supply chain areas.

Our Capabilities

Whether it is simplifying cargo ground handling operations, automating safety processes, increasing the throughput of a warehouse, or simplifying operations with enterprise mobility, Coforge delivers solutions that enable industry-compliant, standards-based operations. We help you foresee future trends and help you align your business goals with it.

Our services and solutions have helped our customers address their business challenges, improve customer responsiveness, minimize operational costs, and enhance efficiency through the effective use of IT.


  • Application Development & Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Managed Services
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Mobility


Apart from services offered, Coforge has leveraged its experience to come out with its own IT solutions for the cargo industry.

COSYS - Cargo Ground Handling

SATS and Coforge have created an innovative Cargo 2000 and e-freight compliant solution that automates the cargo ground handling process and helps reduce operational cost. Other specific functions related to shipper, agent, airline, and other stakeholders can also be extended to mobile platforms.

Delivering More Value

  • More Savings: Streamlined processes and remote invoicing reduce cost while optimal utilization of resources in enable higher efficiency and revenue realization.
  • More Efficiency: Performance is enhanced by managing and handling huge data through insightful reports.
  • More High Performance: Real-time information enables fact-based decisions to increase customer satisfaction, market share, and profitability.
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