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Coforge recognized as Market Leader in Travel, Hospitality, and Logistics by HFS Research

Greater Noida, Aug 29, 2023:Coforge Limited(NSE: COFORGE), a global digital services and solutions provider, has been recognized by HFS Research in Horizon 3- 'Market Leader'in the Horizons Report on Travel, Hospitality, and Logistics (THL) Service Providers, 2023 This acknowledgment underscores Coforge's unwavering commitment to delivering transformative solutions that empower clients to excel in the dynamic THL landscape

The Travel, Hospitality, and Logistics (THL) Service Providers, 2023 report from HFS Research evaluates the state of the THL industries and analyses how service providers contribute to the digital transformation of sub-industries such as airlines, airports, hotels, casinos, and more. The report includes detailed profiles of each service provider, providing insights into their Horizons placement basis research and validated facts, as well as showcasing the service provider’s strengths and development opportunities. Coforge is honored to be featured as a 'Market Leader' in the industry's leading providers, showcasing the firm’s commitment to excellence and innovation for the THL industry. It is a testament to its deep industry expertise, technology innovation, and comprehensive talent management initiatives.

Sudhir Singh, CEO and Executive Director, Coforge, acknowledging the recognition, stated " Coforge’s expertise in the Travel, Hospitality, and Logistics industry has been built painstakingly over more than two and a half decades. Our ability to leverage emerging technologies to drive true impact and to execute against all commitments to clients, travel tech players, platform providers and regulators across these industries continues to differentiate us. This recognition is a testament to our deep industry knowledge and reaffirms our dedication to delivering transformative solutions that empower our clients to thrive in an ever-changing landscape."

Coforge holds a compelling edge in the THL sector, attributed to its robust digital, data solutions, and product engineering, particularly emphasizing eCommerce, automation, and enhancing customer experiences. The report also highlights the firm’s wealth of expertise in air cargo, ground handling, and successful migration and implementation of passenger service systems.

Melissa O'Brien, Executive Research Leader and Head of Research Operations at HFS Research said, “Coforge is differentiated in the travel, hospitality, and logistics industries due to its extensive domain expertise, including strong solutions in digital and data solutions as well as product engineering. Coforge landed in Horizon 3 of our inaugural Travel, Hospitality and Logistics Horizon due to its focus on insights and driving outcomes for clients, and comprehensive approach to talent management to develop industry expertise.”

Sanjay Dalwani, EVP and Global Head - Travel, Transportation & Hospitality (TTH), Coforge, said, "At Coforge, our 4000+ specialized engineers are passionate about the TTH domain. They have undertaken comprehensive training and industry certifications to be fully equipped with domain knowledge and drive our industry-leading prowess and deliver tailored solutions. Our flagship internal IP’s include MonaLisa- the passenger revenue accounting platform, PRISM- the freight pricing and rating engine, Quasar Document AI- the gen AI-based intelligent document processing platform and TVera- the NLP-based digital assistant and knowledge worker with travel industry-focused conversational AI models are evolving as de facto standards in the TTH industry.”

About Coforge

Coforge is a global digital services and solutions provider, that leverages emerging technologies and deep domain expertise to deliver real-world business impact for its clients. A focus on very select industries, a detailed understanding of the underlying processes of those industries and partnerships with leading platforms provides us a distinct perspective. Coforge leads with its product engineering approach and leverages Cloud, Data, Integration and Automation technologies to transform client businesses into intelligent, high growth enterprises. Coforge’s proprietary platforms power critical business processes across its core verticals. The firm has a presence in 21 countries with 26 delivery centers across nine countries.

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