White Papers

  • Taking Customer Engagement to the Next Level

    Today, social media is not just a popular way of interacting with customers; it is also a powerful means to improve a firm’s brand image. Progressive insurance companies are venturing into social media to improve their turnaround time and cost-to-serve. While measuring the ROI for social media initiatives is difficult, insurers can proactively use social media to understand how customers feel about their products and what they can do to emerge as winners in the long term.

  • Future Ready: Multi-Channel Distribution in Life Insurance

    Digital is creating a plethora of opportunities for growth, the most potent example being the innovative and attractive range of multi-channel distribution techniques. Insurance providers that are able to gear up to the digital opportunities are able to achieve customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business growth. This whitepaper explores five key digital technologies that become a vital differentiator between success and failure of the insurance providers.