• Driving Software Quality and Improving Testing Efficiencies for Wealth Management

    Strong Testing solutions and processed is the need of the hour. To deploy customer facing platforms and applications, financial enterprises need to route their testing in the most error-free environment. To meet these business needs, Coforge’ Wealth Management testing practice offers a comprehensive domain-led testing services.

  • Ushering Innovation and Sustenance with Payments and Cash Management Solution

    Innovation in banking and financial services enterprises is a challenging task. You need cost-effective, cutting-edge, and innovative solutions to increase profitability and improve customer satisfaction. That is where we make a difference—with our payments and cash management solution. We deliver high quality, innovative solutions engineered to suit your business requirements.

  • Reshaping the IT Landscape for Banking and Financial Enterprises

    Financial services institutions face various IT challenges involvingregulatory compliance, technology platforms, high risks, cost reductions, and execution of business processes. We address these challenges by delivering agility-integrated frameworks, which adopt new technologies faster and are flexible enough to scale based on changing needs. Discover how our expertise from legacy modernization to operational transformation enables you to achieve efficiency gains and also take a strategic leap forward.

  • Streamline Framework: Enabling Cost-sensitive Transformation of Business Processes

    Banks are focusing on achieving agility, simplifying processes, and unlocking business execution and performance of their systems. Coforge Streamline Process Automation Framework is a simplified and comprehensive operational transformation solution that reduces cost, improves customer service, and enhances operations. Our expertise and in-depth understanding of business processes has enabled us to deliver fluid processes at the speed of change.

  • Simplify Processes and Fuel Growth with BankingEasy Core Banking Solution

    In the changing landscape of financial services, banks need to be more than just money managers. They need to continuously invest in upgrading technology and processes. With BankingEasy, a Core Banking solution on Cloud, Coforge enables banks to significantly minimize their upfront technology investment and free up resources involved in non-core activities.

  • Driving Reliability with Effective Cargo Management Technology for Airports and Cargo Terminals

    Coforges' many years of experience and domain strengths have enabled customers to reduce operational costs, and enhance efficiencies through the effective use of IT. We are a partner of choice for cargo companies offering services and solutions across the value chain -Cargo Operations, Ground Handling, E-freight, Truck Control System, Warehouse Operation System, and related cargo supply chain areas.

  • Driving Business Value with End-to-end Enterprise Solutions

    A profound transformation is at hand, but how equipped are you to see the potential and perils of the business and technology landscape? Is your financial institution too focused on short-term tactical advantage to see the expanse of challenges and opportunities ahead? Are you meeting your customers’ demands? You can count on us to resolve these challenges through new solutions and frameworks that impact how you harness the power of your technology investments.

  • Harnessing technology to help Travel & Transportation companies go the extra mile

    In a world where customer expectations are sky-high, time-to-market is ever-shrinking and disruptive technologies are changing business models and opening the field to new and agile competitors, you need a partner with the experience and expertise to help you leverage the disruptive ecosystem and deliver growth through technology.

  • Business View of IT: Maximizing Value from Your IT Investments

    Ascertaining the value IT is providing to the business is one of the key challenges being faced by companies today. Coforge works with you to determine the business impact of IT assets through its state-of-art ‘business view of IT’ framework. Besides delivering more insights, it helps organizations proactively deliver business services while being future-ready. We enable you to define, measure, and maximize the value that IT assets are adding to your business.

  • Achieve Faster Time to Market through DevOps Services

    Companies must fundamentally change the way they build and deliver applications to support dynamic business needs. The DevOps solution enables shift from traditional phased delivery models to a continuous delivery mindset and enhances agility, productivity, savings, and scalability.

  • Improving Operational Stability with Crew Management Solutions

    Coforge’ flight operations and crew management experts support crew management system implementation, compliance with both civil aviation requirements and operators’ responsibility, and development of interfaces for delivering a world-class experience to flyers.

  • Powering Legacy Modernization for Policy Administration Systems

    Legacy modernization is one of the top priorities for insurance carriers as enterprises look to reduce operational costs and improve time-to-market. To support this, Coforge offers a comprehensive, end-to-end approach to legacy modernization solutions for better business performance.