• Testing Automation Framework

    Coforge’s Test Automation Framework allows organizations to accelerate their testing automation initiative for Appian applications. Based on Selenium & TestNG, TEST provides a data driven framework that has capabilities for testing authentication, role-based security, navigation, sites, reports, dashboards and many other applications related functional areas without any scripting.

  • Security and Access Management Framework

    Coforge’s SAM framework enables organizations to accelerate their development processes by reducing the efforts involved in creating user management modules for Appian applications. The Appian based application provides the creation of user and role functionality without updating single lines of code in the existing application.

  • Appian Continuous Delivery(ACD)

    Coforge’s ACD solution provides a Continuous Delivery Framework enabling organizations to respond to increasing business demands by delivering regular releases with a faster time to market. The framework uses Appian’s Process Management capabilities to orchestrate and automate the application release process.

  • Appian Digitizing Customer on-boarding

    Coforge’s award winning Customer On-boarding Framework leverages Appian’s Enterprise Application Platform to streamline, accelerate and enhance your customer’s digital on-boarding experience. The framework utilizes the power of the Appian workflow engine to ensure smooth configurable workflow and rules that enable business users to navigate through the on-boarding journey with ease.

  • Smart Document Processing

    Everyone wants to get process into their organization. Whether you’ve been using Appian for 5+ years or are just starting out, you still have areas where process hasn’t taken hold. It’s often for the same reason: ROI.

  • Appian Insurance Underwriter Framework

    Coforge’s IUF solution enhances the experience of the underwriting process by leveraging the core underwriting functions and providing a 360-degree view by consolidating data from multiple systems.

  • Appian Productivity Suite

    At Coforge, we know that no matter where you are along your Appian Journey, be it just starting out or on year 3 with a fully functional COE, you’re always looking for ways to improve. You want your applications to be free of bugs, following best practices, and developed quickly.

  • Cloud Migration and PEGA Upgrade

    Migrate to the Cloud of your choice and save up to 30% on infrastructure costs with a scalable pay-as you-go model. Upgrade to exploit the latest Pega Platform capabilities to the fullest with AI/ML, RPA and CRM features alongside BPM

  • Digital Process Transformation PEGA

    The Pega Digital Process Automation Practice from Coforge brings unmatched expertise in assisting global organizations to achieve their digital process automation goals and revolutionize their customer’s experience.

  • Leveraging Pega and Blockchain to Support the KYC Proce

    Know Your Customer (KYC) processes require organizations to validate and verify primary documents as part of the due diligence protocol. While the market is flooded with KYC utilities; regulations are such that the task of investigation and due diligence is still handled by the onboarding teams, given the business and reputational risks involved.

  • AI Chatbot

    Business owner challenges, High call volumes, Reduction in operating hours, Lesser workforce. End Customer Challenges Long waiting times, Reduced service availability.

  • Alfresco Framework for Pega

    Coforge has partnered with Alfresco to provide a combined case and document management solution that harnesses the power of the Pega Case Management platform with Alfresco’s Enterprise Content Services. This framework enables the seamless management of cases and associated documents, ensuring that compliance and governance requirements are met.