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Advanced Application Engineering

The key business drivers for air travel technology companies in this new era are increasing topline growth, bottom line efficiency, improving the NPS and building operational resilience. They need to build products that are scalable, adaptive, agile and resilient. Revenue growth, satisfied customers and good margins need a new digital paradigm which will use digital business models such as SaaS, architecture transformation, Omnichannel UX, automation, AI and quality engineering to extend their product lifecycle.

The rapid change in the technological landscape, and evolving customer expectations, have put forward multiple challenges for travel technology companies. Businesses, with their current infrastructure and architecture, are faced with hindrances in rolling out new services and features at pace. Offerings

We have 2 decades of diverse industry experience in product engineering with over 2000 agile practitioners and technical experts working with travel technology. Our Product Engineering Consulting helps enterprises recognise and overcome their challenges at every stage of product lifecycle and accelerate their digital transformation journey. Travel Technology partners with us to build future-proof digital business architecture leading to improved business agility, enhanced user experience, reduced costs, ability to innovate and faster time-to-market. We drive consistent ‘Speed’, 'Scale’ and ‘Certainty’ with our technical expertise, digital frameworks, assets and proven methodologies.



Our assessment-driven consulting engagement enables travel tech to convert their challenges to opportunities by creating a roadmap within 2-4 weeks of engagement:

Our consulting methodology leverages our IPs, frameworks and assets to focus on and deliver on different needs of Travel Technology providers.

  • We rapidly assess your organization’s current capabilities, identify gaps and new capabilities required to become digitally proficient using our digital and cloud frameworks.
  • We reduce your release cycle by creating customized quality engineering strategy and design, setting-up a Testing Centre-of-Excellence, or leverage our expertise to perform end-to-end testing across multiple devices.
  • Achieve insight-driven decision-making by strengthening your business with advanced analytical capabilities by leveraging our Data Monetize Studio.
  • Achieve optimum service delivery using our proprietary framework for process re-engineering, automation and RPA by employing Six-Sigma and Lean methodology along with domain expertise
  • Bring in operational resilience using VirtSpace – enabling virtual workplaces with zero disruption in business continuity
  • Discover the right operating model leading to efficient delivery by using our Cost Optimization Assessment
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