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Legacy Modernization

As per a recent poll, legacy systems are found to be the biggest barrier to transformation and modernization for any industry. Being very inflexible and resistant to change, legacy systems are expensive to operate, support and enhance. The cost and time to implement new functionality in legacy systems are quite high. Additionally, from an IT perspective, these systems are difficult to monitor, control, and are susceptible to numerous security issues.

It is, therefore, imperative for enterprises to look at modernization of these systems to bring in the agility, flexibility, speed and scale which is needed to run the business and meet the growing industry demands.

Based on our 3 decades of domain expertise and practice focused on legacy modernization, we have successfully delivered multiple mainframe offload and legacy modernization projects for multiple clients.

Coforge re-architects the mainframe to

  • Reduce cost with cost-effective cloud infrastructure
  • Run in a highly available mode with no downtime
  • Proactively monitor the system.
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