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Passenger Revenue Accounting

Maximize Revenue with the MonaLisa Passenger Revenue Accounting System

Accurate and on-time passenger revenue accounting with actionable intelligence may seem hard to achieve. Not when you have Coforge’ MonaLisa Passenger Revenue Accounting system. Easy to integrate even in complex IT environments, MonaLisa automates the complex ticketing process and delivers more value by enabling greater revenue potential, improved cash flow, and informed decision-making.

Uncertain Times for Airline Operations

With major reformatory changes across the airline industry, almost all functions in an airline have revamped lately. Some of the areas, predominantly regarded as back-office tasks have gained huge importance in the day-to-day functioning of an airline. Revenue accounting is one such function that has gained tremendous importance in the way the commercial/sales department of an airline takes decisions. The decisions of the airlines are fueled primarily by the latest enhancements that have taken place in this area of business

Business Challenge

The global airline industry has become extremely competitive. Carriers need systems that can help them reduce manual efforts and processing time, and improve efficiencies while enhancing customer experience.

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