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Demands of the fast-evolving global travel market have made the business of airline revenue accounting complex. There is tremendous pressure to control revenue leakages, and record, monitor, analyze, and collect all types of revenues. Thus, it becomes imperative for airlines to streamline revenue accounting functions and develop a highly effective solution.
Coforge’s deep domain expertise and understanding of the travel industry has made it easier to offer a revolutionary cloud-based airline solution suite that helps our airline customers simplify and optimize their complex & cumbersome back-office operation and turn it into a modern solution. An unmatched Next Gen Airline Accounting System is 'MonaLisa'. With an enviable track record backed by Six Sigma-driven process maturity rigor, we manage the revenue accounting needs of numerous airlines.
MonaLisa ensures compliance with International Air Transport Association’s Simplified Interline Settlement (SIS) and American Clearance House, offers seamless integration with legacy systems, effective management, processing, reporting, and audit of sales data, etc. 
With MonaLisa, Airlines can:
Redefine the Revenue Accounting Process
Improve Profitability with Superior Accounting and Audit Services
Maximize Profit with Analytics Driven Actionable Insights
Minimize risk of revenue loss and data processing delay
Better revenue flow due to accurate billing and verification,
Increased staff efficiency
Improved workflow processing, resulting in the streamlining of functions of various departments.
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