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Intelligent Data Processor

Data is at the center of today’s digital economy. From day-to-day operations to customer satisfaction, data is a crucial building block and guiding principle for an organization. With petabytes of data generated from document-driven processes, is your organization getting the most out of its unstructured information? 

Take charge of your data with Coforge’s Intelligent Document Processor – an AI-powered solution that extracts valuable information from unstructured data present across different document types – PDF, Word, XLS, and others. What sets us apart is our capability of a cloud-based context-aware system. The framework applies sentiment analysis using Valence Aware Dictionary and sEntiment Reasoner (VADER), and other libraries to highlight the polarity (positive/negative) and intensity of emotion in text.

Our intelligent document processing platform helps maximize straight throughput processing with a unique technology-first approach. Coforge leverages advanced search technologies, NLP, NLU, entity identification, Word2Vec, Viz, and extensive Python API libraries.

Semantic Search
•    Search documents using context around the terms
•    View list of documents searched on and can enrich search from externally available information (through API)

Knowledge Graph
•    Extract entities and relationships among them from single or multiple documents 
•    Provides visualization and drill down

Document Summarization 
•    Summarize large document to extract important and relevant terms
•    Quick report summarization

Document Clustering
•    Cluster document as per content and intent using BERT and GPT-2 algorithms
•    Use of Domain Dictionary
•    Topics for each cluster to understand what they are about

Document Extraction
•    Extract important attributes from large-sized documents 
•    Includes clauses, conditions, dollar amount, dates, other entities like addresses, etc.

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