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Contactless Guest Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for contact-less guest experiences. Traditional check-in, free-flow travel, and onsite support for the hospitality industry need to be redefined to adapt hotel stays for the new normal. Amid a challenging environment, Coforge is helping clients restart operations by

  • Injecting technology-led solutions to adhere to social distancing, customer capability management, and screening at interaction points.
  • Enhancing contact center services with cognitive automation to provide uninterrupted services.
  • Enabling self-service guest experiences across the organization's core capabilities. 
  • Increasing digital collaboration between front-desk and operation teams to deliver seamless hotel operations.

Coforge solutions create special experiences for hotel guests, providing contactless services at every step of the customer journey, such as: 

•    Mobile Check-in 
•    Digital Room Key 
•    In-room Power and Air conditioning 
•    Dining & Room Service 
•    Service Requests 
•    Mobile Check-out & Payment 
•    Analytics & Personalized Offers 
Our solutions help you understand the customer and their journey better. Some of our solutions include:
Pre-Arrival - personalized offers and guest notifications such as:

•    Trip Planning Tips, Weather, Things to do 
•    Contextual travel alerts 
•    Guest ID, contact information, other guest information update in booking via a mobile app 
•    Upgrades & add-ons 
•    Transfers 
•    Spa and event bookings 

Arrival & Check-in - remote check-in at properties with:

•    Beacon based guest location tagging to automatically check-in or allow guest to check-in themselves 
•    Check-in & Digital Key issuance – room and elevator access  
•    Wifi & other service access (breakfast coupons) provision on a mobile app  

Room Access - virtual key for room security access and in-room services:

•    providing secure touchless room access with BLE-based room lock access and remote energy control module 
•    freedom from lost/corrupt RFID cards 
•    Secure access to the room authenticated in real-time

During the Stay - Providing convenient, safe access via customers preferred channel, efficient customer service, and increased order value for concierge and room service:

•    Online restaurant and in-room dining menu and ordering 
•    Housekeeping, laundry, and concierge services 
•    Location-based and contextual recommendations and offers 

Check-out & Departure - Contactless and expedited check-outs that reduce waiting time and delays with:

•    Self-check-out & invoicing 
•    Mobile payments 
•    Email digitized bills and receipts 
•    Feedback management 

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