Casino Entertainment

Coforge uses a consultative approach to modernize and integrate multiple, complex gaming/hospitality systems across guest entertainment, food & beverage, and retail systems.

Casino management systems include software and hardware for the purpose of tracking players, analyzing behavior, cash and accounting, security and surveillance, or a combination of these.​

Coforge has helped several casino client's to:​

⦁    Streamline operations to manage properties more efficiently and economically​

⦁    Maximize revenue potential​

⦁    Build a better guest experience​

⦁    Improve brand loyalty​

The clients have always wanted an IT partner who would:

⦁    Deliver high quality and efficient automation services through proven strategies and frameworks​

⦁    Provide risk free and seamless integrations​

⦁    Provide domain expertise for various functions such as booking, offer management, inventory management, property management, content management, loyalty, operations management & employee management.


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