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Passenger Experience

Today's modern traveler is a tech-savvy explorer looking to simplify and ease their journey. From mobile check-ins to real-time baggage tracking, satisfying the needs of travelers is crucial for improved revenue generation. Airports that provide new technologies and services maximize passenger engagement, create new business opportunities, and increase revenue.

To achieve success in this next-generation journey, airports should consider man-machine interaction in their digital transformation plan. Backed by emerging technologies, domain expertise, and a strong team, Coforge maximizes the efficiency of your airports. The next generation of travel would be powered by digital assistants that would ease interactions across every customer touchpoint. Embrace the power of chatbots with Coforge's automation solutions for a better passenger experience.

With Coforge, you can improve customer interaction at every touchpoint of the passenger's airport journey:

  • Departure: Real-time flight information display with easy bag drops
  • Security: Advanced systems for security checks and emigration
  • Transit: Connecting retail ecosystem, boarding, and gate control with location-based alerts and public address and voice alarm systems (PAVA)
  • Customs: Secure immigration and border clearance
  • Arrival: Quick bag collection and claims

Our award-winning solutions include helping airports to maximize efficiency by creating solutions for health checks, travel history, surveillance for social distancing, and much more. 

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