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Paperless Solutions and automation

Airports and Cargo ground handlers are continuing to evolve as they anticipate and meet customer needs. In order to give a personalized experience to their customers, airports, and cargo ground handlers need to ensure that employees are empowered with the right tools to engage with the customer. The biggest challenge employees face is to connect and engage with colleagues, whose work is not desk-based. Coforge technologies help devise and implement digital strategies to transition from paper to mobile.

Our deep domain expertise enables the workforce with digital platforms and automation, which empowers them to feel connected, informed, and involved in a working environment that changes from minute to minute. The digital platform enables a consistent experience for all the staff via mobile devices, supporting both engagement and day-to-day operations. This enables secure data transfer in processes, databases, and backend systems for Airport Operations, Cargo Operations, and Catering Operations. We have helped implement digitized solutions to reap the following benefits:

  • Save manual efforts and improve productivity by almost 30%
  • Configurable digital forms and automated workflows
  • Integrate different departments and eliminate duplication of work
  • Improved staff collaboration and engagement with real-time information exchange
  • Mobile access across workflows
  • Enable offline accessibility
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
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