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AI, Data & Insights

Airports are looking at a new digital era which has prompted the need for efficient solutions, which can provide them with resilience to tackle demand and cost pressures, adapt to the new operational processes and digital initiatives.

Technologies such as AI, ML, analytics can enable the airports to get real time insights on day-to-day operations and enable them to make informed decisions.

An airport enterprise data platform can collate data from different sources and make sense of this information to track airport KPIs and use the data intelligently for optimizing various operations.

This data can be further analysed to give a more detailed perspective of revenue share and sales patterns which can enable better decision-making and drive multiple initiatives. Process of data collection from various sources like passenger-processing systems, flight operational systems and non-aeronautical revenue sources can be streamlined to give the airport managers a detailed understanding of their performance figures and a more detailed analytical perspective of revenue share and sales patterns.

Coforge offers deep insights into the airport operations with

  • Data analytics solutions
  • AI-powered automation
  • Cognitive
  • Data-driven business analytics
  • Architecture frameworks and solutions

Few of our success stories include:

  • Implementation of Data Insight Platform for a major International Airport in UK
  • Implementation of EDW & Real Time BI for an Airport Cargo Services Provider
  • Risk profiling using predictive analytics for a leading airport solution provider
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