Operations are at the heart of the airline business. But the sector is in a constant state of flux, operating in a volatile environment both on the ground and in the air. Airlines must provide uninterrupted passenger and cargo services in a timely and secure manner. They must manage different complexities like disruptions, regulatory constraints, shifting demand, crew planning, and utilization to ensure uninterrupted services and operations.​

At Coforge, we understand the importance of operations and their impact on the Airline business. With our strong expertise in implementing industry-leading airline solutions working for over two decades, Coforge helps carriers to provide seamless operations. ​

Our customers choose to optimize their operations through emerging technologies of artificial intelligence, advanced data analytics, and automation. In many cases, Coforge has co-developed solutions with the client to digitally transform their customer experience. Coforge helps you: ​

  • Manage disruptions in real-time ​
  • Roll-out enterprise mobility for your digital workforce ​
  • Implement best practices and technologies ​
  • Deliver uninterrupted service and seamless flight operations​

Disruption Management: From weather conditions to crew logistics to local anomalies – airline disruption is an inevitable part of the sector. Disrupted operations are painful for passengers and expensive for airlines, estimating 8% of airlines revenue or $60 billion a year worldwide. To sustain, airlines must leverage digital solutions to optimize their network operations. Coforge enables revenue protection with a proactive approach to disruption management. Our systems connect the complex operational environment to predict performance and increase network productivity. 

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