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IT Cost Excellence for Travel Industry

The pandemic has forced organizations to redefine health and safety practices, inventory and services, and their operating models. In this process, 'cost excellence' is the top priority, and investments required for ongoing cost excellence are under scrutiny at the highest levels.

In this environment, travel technology and IT are playing an important role to enable 'cost excellence' across various departments. IT Cost Excellence, as seen by travel customers across the globe, is focused on the following drivers:

  • Optimize business process cost - with the introduction of digital, automation, and lean practices.
  • Optimize the cost of projects – with business agility for faster response to business needs
  • Optimize IT Costs - with the introduction of lean practices, newer operating models, process automation, and optimized infrastructure, and overall provision of cost analytics to business leaders with leading and lagging indicators.

At Coforge, leveraging our business, digital, and infrastructure advisory teams, we approach cost excellence using our proven CostGym framework.

Working with travel customers across the globe, our experts from business, digital, and infrastructure advisory have used a combination of 14 levers and enabled cost optimization beyond the norm, ranging from 20% to 40% savings for select department/service to business agility improvement from months to weeks.

Our CostGym framework helps evaluate the current state, identify opportunities, and provide business cases using a combination of 4 lenses: efficient staff usage, well defined operating model, technically enabled processes, and simplified infrastructure.

Coforge helps its customers with business cases, tactical implementation planning, organizational change management followed by actual implementation and continuous improvement. Implementation and sustenance of a customer's Cost Excellence journey with Coforge are structured as a partnership model with customer IT or with customer business teams.

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