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Enterprise and Back Office

The airline industry is evolving to cater to the changing business models and customer needs. There is tremendous pressure to control revenue leakages, record, monitor, analyze, and collect all types of revenues. Hence, it has become imperative for the airlines to streamline their support functions, with an increased focus on revenue integrity, finance, fare audit, and sales audit. ​
With our deep domain expertise in revenue accounting, reconciliation, and audit, Coforge helps airlines create a 'smarter' back office by re-engineering existing processes using automation and bringing in process excellence and driving efficiency. Coforge enables clients to transform enterprise operations to provide uninterrupted service by leveraging emerging technologies like Blockchain, Automation, and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. ​
Our revenue accounting solutions have been implemented for over 35 airlines. Coforge also manages revenue accounting for one of the leading and most profitable airlines in Europe with over 100 million passengers. Coforge’s Fare Audit services help determine discrepancies within fares, taxes, RBD, refunds, and commissions.  Some of the salient features of our consultative approach include: ​
A) Cognitive Automation​
Contact centers are getting transformed with chatbots and digital assistants that provide real-time and personal touchpoints to customers. Coforge combines AI, analytics, and cognitive to accelerate growth. Our solutions integrate predictive analytics and computer vision to streamline airport operations with intelligent queue management, predicting staff absence, managing faster aircraft turnarounds, social distancing, and touchless passenger identification. Other key areas include:​
A) Intelligent collaboration platforms and BOTs enhancing crew productivity and collaboration​
improving operational efficiencies for our airline & airport clients​
B) Development Automation​
Development automation is a key area where automation is improving the agility of IT systems and productivity, enabling a faster response to a rapidly changing business. IT can now develop applications faster, more efficiently, and bug-free using newer technologies, weaving DevOps and deployment pipelines, and engaging full-stack multi-skilled development teams in an agile iterative model. E.g., Coforge helped Virgin Australia become nimble and improve time-to-market-moving release times from 6 months to 3 days.​
C) Low Code Platforms​
Coforge has a significant investment in low code platforms from Pega/Appian for BPM, Digital Process Automation, CRM solutions, and cloud architecture. Our solutions help provide faster turnaround times to clients. For instance, Coforge has helped clients like British Airways to enable the ‘next best action’ for contact centers powered by Pega. ​
D) Infrastructure Automation​
Cloud-native applications, with innovative pricing models, are another area where automation plays a big role. Infrastructure automation provides businesses with scaling on-demand and easy pay-per-use models. The cloud infrastructure enables reduced manual efforts associated with provisioning and managing cloud computing workloads.
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