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Cloud Enablement

Airports have contended with legacy systems and operating models that constrain their ability to transform. But the changing market dynamics, customer expectations, increasing competition, and the rapidly evolving technological landscape is bringing in the next wave of IT transformation in the airport and travel sector. IT transformation accelerates the digital delivery of modern IT services and applications to:​

  • Differentiate the business​
  • Improve robustness​
  • Reduce costs

Coforge helps in transforming your business by enabling IT to be more agile, nimble, and ready to scale with your business. The move from traditional to transformational calls for innovation partners who understand your business, provide customized solutions and leverage new technologies and methodologies for beneficial outcomes. ​

Coforge cloud enablement offers:

  • An integrated IMS/AMS with business-aligned KPIs ​
  • A proprietary business view of IT solution to monitor and manage application and business process availability; Leveraging AppDynamics and Splunk toolsets ​
  • Enterprise Intelligent Service Desk with self-help, self-healing, and machine learning capabilities across infrastructure and applications ​
  • Proprietary ‘Release at Will’ framework consisting of 23 capabilities in areas of culture, process, tools, architecture, and people

Our solutions cover​:

  • Dev Ops and Test Ops tools and culture enablement ​
  • Cloud Scalability
  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Operations
  • Cloud Continuous Delivery
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