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Customer Experience

As post-pandemic customer behaviors and expectations have evolved, they are “always on”, always expecting. Retailers are in the midst of a rapid transformation path. While customers continue to expect physical service when they interact with retailers physically, those touchpoints may likely have been initiated digitally by the customer. 
Every channel activity has to be interwoven into a seamless experience, which requires hyper personalized and contextualize service that is being delivered in real time, be it: 
  • Order online and pick up in-store or curbside.
  • Proximity-based intelligence delivered by IoT.
  • Bills and payment over mobile.
  • Customer-facing operational process automation for connected experience.
  • Engagement over social media platforms.
  • Customer Call Center engagement.
  • Interaction with operational and service staff.
While the customer is at the center of retail strategy, delivering a loyalty-building experience at each opportunity is paramount for every activity within a retail business. A retailer needs to understand their customer proactively and exceed their customer expectations by proper utilization of data or digital footprint analysis across brand platforms then brands win a happy customer as brand ambassador and a loyal customer.
We understand that complexity and leverage our deep domain expertise along with our strong Smart Connected Solutions for Operations, AI, Data & Insights led Solutions, Digital Process Automation, Business Process Services, Application & Product Engineering.  We deploy emerging technologies like AR/VR, Web3 and Metaverse that help retailers grow, deliver great experiences, improve operational efficiency and bring agility and scalability to the retailer.
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