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Consumerism is the buzz, and technology is the key to unravel this challenge. From fluid interfaces to omnichannel presence, cutting-edge technologies to advanced data analytics, intelligent webpages to data management - the industry's interaction with end-users is limitless. In this environment, equipping the sales team with the right and timely data is crucial to meet customer expectations. Coforge helps you address the need for advanced solutions that work in tandem with changing customer expectations and business needs. We help you attain the utopian goal of connecting technology, data, and people to bolster your sales and marketing capabilities. Our services help your sales and marketing team with:

  • AI to nudge the sales team with the next best action
  • New-age automation and bots to address customers at lightning speed
  • Intelligent analytics to ensure the success of your marketing initiatives
  • End-to-end digital marketing capability bolstered by platforms like Salesforce health cloud and Sitecore
  • Incorporate new and cutting-edge technologies such as AI, ML, NLP, etc.
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