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Ultimate Recession Vaccine, Cost-takeout @Scale

It’s been a long-held belief that the Life Sciences industry is “recession-proof,” and that an inflation-driven recession will be shallow in terms of severity and duration. Unfortunately, the Life Sciences industry is not completely immune to the ripple effects. A contraction in the economy means downward pressure on the top-line, while inflation adversely impacts cost, resulting in shrinking profits. In the face of a threatened recession, it is even more critical than ever to eliminate, automate, or outsource low value add processes. 

Managed services have evolved from legacy tower-based operations to dynamic converged operations where the lines between infrastructure and application support are getting blurred every day. Innovative team structures like, SRE, DevSecOps, Squad-Tribes and Core-Flex are taking over the traditional tower-based teams. Enterprises expect support services to be as agile as Cloud and don’t want skills and support models to be a roadblock in the technology adoption.

Coforge Managed Services for mission critical platforms like SAP S4/HANA, MuleSoft, Veeva, and ServiceNow are delivering performance improvements. Quality Engineering (Testing) and Business Process (Outsourcing) Solutions are simultaneously delivering cost-takeout at our clients.

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Veeva to Simplify Regulatory Compliance


Veeva to Simplify Regulatory Compliance
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