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Cloud-first Life Sciences Transformation

Traditionally, Life Sciences companies viewed IT as a way of reducing cost, improving productivity, operational effectiveness, and mitigating risk. Mostly internally focused, siloed, tactical, and myopic strategies. But no more, over the past few years leading Life Sciences companies have adopted a Cloud-first mindset. For Life Sciences companies to fulfill their mission of improving health outcomes and quality of Life at a lower cost, they must double-down on their commitment to innovative technologies, most critically Cloud-based solutions.

Beyond the technical merits, the Cloud is empowering the future of Life Sciences. For example, utilizing the Cloud businesses can deliver new services in months not years, improve time to market from quarters to weeks, and cut down deployment lead times from days to hours. Leading Life Sciences organizations are collaborating with partners, and other third-party companies in the healthcare ecosystem, on new therapies via the Cloud; thus, improving R&D productivity, accelerating clinical trials, reducing time-to-market and costs. Industry-specific data lakes using public, private, and hybrid cloud platform providers like AWS (Amazon Web Services), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft (Azure) are solving many use cases which were not possible with traditional, on-prem data lakes or data warehouses, because of their built-in scalability, regulatory compliance, and other native features. In some cases, companies are completely reimagining their business model leveraging Cloud technologies as part of their larger digital transformation program.

Coforge, with its partner ecosystem, the experience of 150+ customers, 350+ assets, 2000+ certified consultants, and 4000+ migrations, is the right-sized partner for your Business Transformation journey.

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