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Advancing Digital Health

AI, Real World Data (RWD), Data Science, and Advanced Analytics are fueling efforts to gain deeper insights from disparate data sources for more cost-effective, faster, and smarter decision making across the Enterprise. Nowhere is that more relevant than in the Life Sciences industry where innovation-oriented companies are transforming into Data-driven organizations to advance Digital Health.

The Life Sciences industry was late adopting emerging digital technologies; but the new Digital Economy has forced many Life Sciences companies to rapidly shift to a digital mindset and adopt it in every aspect of their work. According to a report from Deloitte, more than 60% of Life Sciences organizations are already investing heavily in Augmented Intelligence (AI) to drive digital transformation. But how will AI, RWD, Data Science, and Analytics advance Digital Health? In a few words, their ability to process large volumes of complex data quickly and produce in-depth insights.

Here are (5) specific use cases:

1. Advanced Analytics supports Value-based Care, Pricing, and Payment models

2. Digital Humans (Computer generated Avatars) can show greater empathy for patient engagement

3. Digital Twins enable faster, more cost-effective Clinical Trials thus improving R&D productivity

4. Smart Glasses can record medical procedures for training purposes and automate mundane task

5. AI/RWD and Data Science are paving the way for Personalized Medicine

Coforge delivers advanced Data & Analytics through a combination of industry leading Reference Architectures, pre-built Solution Accelerators, domain specific Use Case Libraries, world-class Consulting and Emerging Technology practices.

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