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ACO and Population Health Management

The most important goal of ACOs is to be accountable for the health and wellness of the population they are serving. Be it ACOs working with Medicare or commercial plans, managing population data to meet the cost and quality goals plays a huge part in ACO operations.

Coforge with its strong healthcare data and analytics capability, built-in partnership with its Data & Analytics practice, can help drive your Data aggregation strategy to power ACO analytics and operations. Key areas where we can help are-

  • ​Aggregation of patient data from EHR, Claims, and HIE platforms
  • Creation of Patient Master Data and Patient matching algorithms ​
  • Support Care collaboration with Care gaps identification and Patient 360 profiles ​
  • Patient risk stratification and monitoring of risk measures ​
  • ​Deliver insights within the provider’s care workflows
  • ​Patient outreach and engagement
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