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Upfront spending by customers in health plans is steadily increasing with the rise in deductibles. Moreover, consumers are not deciding on a health plan based on cost alone. Consumers look for other parameters, such as participating provider networks. The new CMS regulations will also expect payers to bring in pricing transparency. Starting 2022, insurers must post online machine-readable files that include their in-network negotiated provider rates, out-of-network coverage rates, and in-network drug pricing.

Since the dawn of digital transformation, payers have had broker, agent, and community organization portals for their sales function and member portals and apps for member services. While these engagements have served well in the past, today's tech-savvy consumers have come to expect more. Influenced by immersive customer experiences from other industries, such as banking or retail, consumers demand sophisticated engagement and experiences. But, existing healthcare payers' solutions fail to provide a complete understanding of the modern consumer.

Coforge is your advisory partner for transforming your existing sales and marketing engagement solutions with the latest technology stacks, such as Adobe or SiteCore. Our solutions provide a 360-degree view of your member data to deliver focused sales and marketing campaigns. With the implementation of digital marketing platforms and solutions, we ensure:

  • Better customer engagement
  • Strengthen partnerships with providers
  • Improve member experience
  • Optimize data quality


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