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Regulatory Compliance

The healthcare industry is under constant pressure to manage multiple federal and state regulations. Healthcare compliance continues to grow complex. New healthcare reforms and performance-based incentive programs expect payers to share more healthcare data from their systems of records securely and reliably. On the other hand, compliance with many mandates such as HIPAA data privacy and security, HITECH, CMS guidelines for Medicare reporting, Interoperability, HEDIS and STARS ratings, data submission for government programs, JCAHO, NAIC MAR, etc., requires a lot of administrative and governance bandwidth. Also, organizations need to meet a wider range of requirements related to risk management, audits, third-party governance, and much more.

Effectively balancing these demands is crucial for healthcare organizations to stay ahead of their competition. In a fluid regulatory landscape, Coforge's team of healthcare industry practitioners help you with:

  • Data submission and Reporting for HEDIS, STARS, Medicare risk adjustments, etc. to healthcare regulatory bodies.
  • Adoption of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Solutions
  • Assistance with CMS, SOX, and other audits
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