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AI and Automation

According to Forrester, today only 11% of organizations are focused on educating themselves on AI…

  • 33% are focused on expansion
  • 66% are focused on experimentation and exploration

However, our workforce is accelerating the choice for us...

  • 46% of professionals say they’re using Chat CPT at work
  • 83% say they plan to in the future (source Korn Ferry).

The challenges with AI are real from data privacy and security to unclear costs. The best way to seize opportunities while tending to challenges is partnership between technology firms and industry leaders.

Let Coforge be your AI and automation partner. Coforge invests in AI, including AI tool kits, and multiple digital process automation partnerships such as Microsoft, AWS, Salesforce, Pega, ServiceNow and Appian. Coforge has both the business and technical expertise needed to help you succeed. And Coforge is deeply committed to our healthcare and life sciences clients and partners every step of the way through co-innovation to develop and promote the best solutions together. Coforge is right-sized to meet your needs and as a result you have ready access to our executives so we can make decisions quickly and move nimbly together. 

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