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Compliance and Financial Crime

Financial criminal activities in the banking sector include fraud, money laundering, bribery, fund diversions, forgery, etc. The impact of these illicit activities is not only limited to financial losses, but it can also negatively impact the bank’s reputation. These activities also affect the overall efficiency and profitability of banking services. Central banks have directed banking institutions to implement strict preventive measures to mitigate fraud risks.

Coforge provides world-class technology support to financial institutions globally by bringing in the most advanced AI-based solutions for compliance and financial crime management. Our approach is based on advanced data science, connected intelligence, network-level security, and other customizations based on the regulator's requirements. We focus on financial crime life cycle and help our financial clients in:

  • Digital Rulebooks:  Access machine-readable libraries of financial global rulebooks
  • Regulatory Obligations: Extract insights on regulatory actions and requirements across rules
  • Regulatory Rules Mappings: Map rule requirements automatically across your compliance policies
  • Compliance Workflows: Use workflows to action and record the life cycle of regulatory compliance.
  • Compliance Dashboarding: Conduct compliance reporting with dashboards to view your landscape.
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