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Card Surround Capabilities

Card scheme compliance projects include adhering to license rules set by international payment networks like Mastercard and Visa. This involves making necessary changes to banking systems to meet technical requirements, monitoring new business rules, and managing scheme fees and interchange rates. Non-compliance can result in interoperability issues, assessments of non-compliance, and financial losses due to suboptimal interchange or scheme fees. Delays or oversights can lead to fines and even the loss of a bank's scheme license.

Coforge brings expertise in banking and scheme knowledge, ensuring comprehensive solutions with rigorous testing to meet compliance requirements efficiently, maintaining existing functionality. Our Card Surround capabilities redefine financial experiences, from seamless transactions and enhanced security to compliance management and integration with fraud detection systems.

We offer integration services with various systems, including fraud detection, customer analytics, authorization switches, and more, such as

  • Fraud detection systems such as - Falcon®, SAS® Fraud Management, Proactive Risk Manager™.
  • Customer analytics systems such as - FICO® TRIAD®.
  • Authorization switches such as Base24, Cafex and IST.
  • Statement, SMS, and letter generation interfaces.
  • Private label (non-scheme) authorization interfaces.
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